How do you know I’m Not?

So that happened

It must be Italian

Didn’t Larry call?

This way to the cafeteria

I find tinsel distracting

And that's how You Get Ants

Taffeta, darling

Exit, pursued by a bear

So, the next question is: will the amount of copy that gets put into that box make a huge difference, or any difference at all for that matter, in the size and shape of the box on that page? End of question.

The answer to that seems to be: only in the depth of said box.

So, I need to explore what is driving the space between the box and the portfolio boxes. Also, need to think about redoing page treatments and backgrounds. Perhaps I should include the non sequitur and/or the image in some way on the page? or a facsimile of it?

Also, how many pages and/or sections I want for my portfolio pages. I need to list out what I want to put on there and write out reasons why for each one.