How do you know I’m Not?

So that happened

It must be Italian

Didn’t Larry call?

This way to the cafeteria

I find tinsel distracting

And that's how You Get Ants

Taffeta, darling

Exit, pursued by a bear


So what is BBD Graphics? A company? A person? A thing? A brand of underwear? In short, it's all of those things (except maybe the underwear part).

Mostly, BBD Graphics is Kimberley Brown -- designer, graphic artist, visual problem solver. Kim is the artist behind countless logo designs, advertising campaigns, posters, brochures, banners, and the list goes on.

Some jobs are simple, such as business cards for a one-person business. Some are complex, like designing every page of a cookbook or catalog. Most fall somewhere in between. But whether large or small, Kim knows her clients' most important projects are the ones they need right now, and she brings the talent and vision to make that happen.

Kim has honed her craft in Creative Director, Art Director, and Graphic Artist positions for advertising agencies, publishing companies, and even television and film production. Since starting BBD Graphics in 2000, Kim's visual design has helped sell truckloads of bottled water, elect political candidates, promote art, and even give a city a new identity. She knows how to arrange sashimi on a plate for the perfect photograph, work that photo into an effective ad, and create the restaurant's logo. And eat the sushi with chopsticks.

She has plenty of awards, but doesn't like to brag. And she rides a cute motor scooter.

So what does BBD mean? That's a secret.